Sunday, March 21, 2010

handmade business cards

sometimes things just don't go as planned, and you have to find a workaround that gives you the best results.

with my show coming up (three weeks!), and not enough dough in the bank to spend on the letterpress cards I wanted, I needed business cards that were still special. I decided to make them by hand, and yeah, this was laborious. it took me a while, lots of steps, LOTS of cutting (only drew blood once! ha) and I finally have a hundred or so.

I used my grandma's old fabric—leftover swatches from things she has made and scraps she held onto. I used three patterns, with two ink colors/tagboard colors (red and pink) to match the fabric.

once I run out of these, I'll start over with different patterns. when these are gone, they're gone! by changing it up, I'll be able to tell at what point I gave the card out (if someone contacts me, I can ask what the card looks like, and know how/about when-ish they got it). I have to give Jimmy credit for this 'limited quantity' idea; it'll help me keep track of my networking because (hopefully) I'll have to!

I think they're colorful and fun, and still have that tactile, special quality I wanted. hope you like! come and find me if you want one...

back to work!



  1. A rather ingenious idea. I like.

  2. Love the fabric! I wonder if a iron transfer could work here as well. Great job. :)

  3. I think business card designs are very important to convey the right message and impression to your clients.


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