Monday, April 25, 2011

packing up: toronto

I am heading out for a much needed getaway tomorrow, to T O R O N T O ! I have never been and I'm really excited the check it out. We're driving up, so we'll be stopped at Niagara Falls too (which I have also never seen). The photos above are all of the Gladstone Hotel, where we're staying. It's a historic Victorian hotel that has been revived with a lot of creativity—each room was made over by different local designers and architects. The rooms are just stunning and some are tightly themed (see: Teen Queen room). You can see photos and even some video tours of the rooms on their site. I won't tell you which one is ours but I'll post pictures when we get there ;) I'm looking forward to being away from work, doing a little shopping, hitting up the casinos for some slots, eating (of course), and exploring the islands off Toronto. I'll be taking lots of pictures (we basically got a new camera for this trip) so I'll post them when we get back.

Cross your fingers that the rain stops for us!

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