Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

mexican sugar skull makeup - for halloweening saturday night

another shot

chocolate-dipped peanut butter pretzel sandwiches to snack on (recipe here)

baked fontina with herbs for Sunday's Browns game (recipe here)

I had a great weekend full of costumes and Halloween fun, and tonight I'm heading to my parents' house for chili, donuts, cider and trick or treating. How was your weekend?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stay Creative.

Really love looking over this list I found over at Sterling Style. I can definitely say I do a lot of 26 (don't force it) and 33 (finish something). I go crazy if I start something and don't finish it! I do some of the others but those resonated with me. What do you do to stay creative?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fall weekend snapshots

Perfect cocktail for a Friday night in, carving pumpkins: apple cider, ginger ale, spiced rum

Muddy buddies (recipe here)

Our pumpkins - mine goes with my sugar skull costume for next weekend!

Brewzilla on Saturday night - part of Cleveland Beer Week

Baked Chex Mix for Sunday football (recipe here) and yes, I had an abundance of chex laying around!

I can't wait for Halloween this year (well, or any year), I am totally in the fall spirit. What are you dressing up as?

*all photos are now extra beautiful thanks to my new iPhone 4S, which I want to marry.

Welcome to SS!

After months in the making, my blog relaunch is finally finished! (Well, for now, we all know there's always work to be done). The relaunch not only effects the design of the blog and shop, but I have some new business cards and packaging for my prints in the works. I'm so excited that everything will now be cohesive, and can't wait to roll out the new identity in the upcoming holiday shops I'm participating in.

I'm now running my blog and shop as Shore Society, which is a nod to my love of lakefront living as well as all things of high design. You can read more about me and SS here.

Hope you guys like it, and continue to follow along. Also, although my old web address will forward to this new one (, if you have linked to this blog on your own site, kindly update your link to reflect the new name and web address. Thanks!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Surprises

I found this today on Pinterest and immediately thought if there ever was a way to say "I love you" to me, THIS would be it! After the initial "aww"/surprise reaction, I would probably dive face first onto this bed and start eating all of that amazing candy. This comes from an entire book by Brusse called "Love Injections" that depicts 100 creative ways to say "I love you." So adorable.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Prints + Blog Announcement

Just listed: Lake Erie Love prints in three new color schemes with filled lettering (as opposed to the original outline lettering).

My Frenchie print has also just been added to the shop, and I will be adding some more dogs as I finish them :)

Also, I've been making some changes to my shop (as you'll notice) which will soon be trickling over to the blog. I will be keeping this blog, but it will operate under a new name, new design, and include a bit more personal posts and inspiration. I hope the re-launch will allow this little corner of the internet to serve as a one-stop holding station for all of my news, photos, sketches, and artwork, and that you're just as excited about it as I am! This has been in the works for months — the product of many conversations, brainstorms, and design attempts, but I'm finally so happy with what it's becoming.

So keep your eyes peeled, pardon my dust as I get things up and moving, and I'll hopefully be finished after this weekend.