Monday, February 20, 2012

february weekend

Ah, Monday. I had a relaxing weekend of catching up on projects and loose ends...I picked up some tulips this weekend to bring some spring indoors, and hung my Valentine's gift—my new white antlers. How was yours?

Saturday was so beautiful and sunny I could just feel spring coming. This winter has been so mild though that I fear March will make up for all the lost snow we've had. I remember last year, St. Patrick's Day was that first big burst of warmth—it was over 60 degrees, sun was out, Jim and I walked to the bar without jackets, it was the best feeling ever. That being only a few weeks away, we'll see if history repeats itself (I hope so!)


  1. Your tulips are gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous photos =) I love tulips! They are my fave flower.

  3. You have such a beautiful blog, really! Love these pics too...tulips are my fave flower hands down, and I love those antlers hanging on your wall! definitely need to find something like that for my it

    xoxo Ally

  4. Those white antlers are SOOO cute!! And what a fabulous coffee mug! I wish i had snagged some of that chevron Missoni stuff at Target when they had it! I loved it all!!


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