Thursday, May 17, 2012


Jetting off to the South tomorrow for a week's vacation in Hilton Head. I will not be blogging while away (I need a real break) but you can follow along with me on Instagram (@teacuprach) for some beachfront pics. I'll be back after Memorial Day—have a safe and fun holiday—see you later!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Some bright blooms to start a nice spring week...hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. My mom and I did some shopping and enjoyed some burgers (and fries!) at B Spot. What did you do for your mom?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Wedding Invitations

I am thrilled times a hundred to finally be able to share these! They have all been dropped in the mail and everyone receiving one should be getting theirs soon. My mom and Jeff are getting married this summer—something we anticipated but also didn't expect—and it's going to be such a beautiful wedding. 

My mom is a gardener and vintage lover, and the garden setting for the whole event suits her perfectly. The ceremony and reception will both be outdoor, with delicious cafĂ©-style food stations, an outdoor bar, and room to party on house's wraparound porch. It will be beautiful, but relaxed and summery—which reflects both of their attitudes so well. 

I wanted to bring in the elements of a pretty floral garden, painted in watercolor with plenty of hand lettering. My mom and I decided to incorporate lace, so I paired it with kraft paper for a look that felt feminine but relaxed.

I printed them myself on my Epson printer and we assembled and addressed each one lovingly by hand.

Since the Fuller House is a part of a parks system, it made sense to create an illustrated map to help guests find it more easily. Plus, the house is so cute and it was a good excuse to paint it! This sheet also had driving directions, and information about the hotel reservations for those traveling to Ohio. 

I hope my mom is as happy as I am with the way they came out (I think she is)! It feels like a huge relief to know this part of the planning is done, and we can move on to the next project. I've been helping with decor, wardrobe, setup, food—so there's plenty more to do. Let the countdown begin!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Food-Filled Saturday

We had such a nice, relaxing Saturday...after looking at another house (I'm trying not to keep count) we stopped out to The West Side Market for lunch. In case you aren't from Cleveland, The West Side Market is in its Centennial year—it's a historic indoor/outdoor market offering fresh foods from all types of cuisine. Some of the stands have been family owned and operated since the beginning of the Market! It's pretty incredible. We live so close, but don't go nearly enough.

The gyro stand line looked about 45 minutes long, so instead we stopped at a bunch of stands and bought everything that seemed delicious (bad idea when you're hungry).

We picked up a loaf of garlic rosemary bread, some smoked gouda and fontina, hand-rolled crackers, dill pickle slices (my weakness), an apple fritter, some canoli, and Jim got a few kinds of beef jerky. 

I don't know how I mustered up the willpower to not snag one of these caramel or buckeye apples. DROOL.

We went for a long bike ride around the neighborhood (scoping out houses we'd seen online), and worked up enough of an appetite to visit Rozi's patio. Rozi's used to be just a wine house, but they put in a beautiful open-walled patio this year. Garage-style doors open up the whole patio to Detroit, and you can just sit and people watch and enjoy a good glass of wine (or beer). We got a plate of breads and spreads and it hit the spot. They will also pour you a drink while you browse the store—sounds like the kind of job I need!

We didn't do anything Mexican-related for Cinco de Mayo—did any of you celebrate?