Friday, October 26, 2012

Nesting Snapshots


Things are coming together little by little - and it's the greatest weather to be inside, putting things out and getting organized. Our new doormat is one of my favorite things we've gotten, as well as this porcelain pineapple that makes me smile.

We're going to be getting rain this weekend, but hopefully it won't stop us from carving pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween. It really snuck up on us this year — it's my favorite time of year and I hope we can slow down for a minute and enjoy it. Are you decorating for Halloween? Baking pumpkin seeds? Dressing up?


  1. I nearly bought that doormat as well! pineapples always remind me of see them everywhere but especially wrought iron ones on gate posts.

    1. Yes! I saw them in Atlanta quite a bit. Plus they are just super tasty ;)


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