Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Products + AG Flea

The AG Flea market opened this week, and I have a new wintery print and some paper sailboat ornaments available for the holiday season. I've been thinking about these boats for a while, so I'm really happy that they came out as I had them in my head!

The boats are currently for sale here in both colorways, and custom colors are also available. The metallic paper and tinsel twine are my favorite accents :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Etsy Hearts: Happy Thanksgiving

1. Be Thankful print from Olive + Birch | 2. Branch wine stoppers from The Bent Tree | 3. Personalized pumpkin magnets from Sierra Metal Design | 4. Plush turkey drumstick from Whimsy loves Whit | 5. Vintage glass dish from Labiblioteca 

There isn't much I love more than Thanksgiving. Food, family, red wine and Great Lakes Christmas Ale, PUMPKIN PIE, getting drunk with friends the night before – I'm in heaven just thinking about it. For me, no two Thanksgivings are alike. Splitting time between mom and dad and Jim's family, we're switching things up year to year, but every year includes those same special staples that make it one of my favorite holidays. It's one last bit of autumn before the holiday craze begins!

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY: Nautical Rope Mirror

When I first saw this mirror DIY, I knew we had to make it for our master bedroom. We have a subtle nautical look in the bedroom (no boats or lighthouses, thank you very much). It was an IKEA hack inspired by a Restoration Hardware mirror, and cost us under $50 to make. Win!

To make it, all you'll need is:

An IKEA Grundtal mirror
A non-active doorknob (one without the working/locking parts)
Two screw-in large metal eyelets
6 feet of large rope (available by the foot at Home Depot)
A couple of screws + a drill
Fishing wire or strong thread

The interesting thing about this mirror (and the original Restoration Hardware one) is that it doesn't actually hang on the rope. There's no tension there. So, you will start by hanging the mirror on the wall as you normally would - leaving room for the rope and doorknob fixture at the top.

After you hang the mirror, screw the eyelets into the wall. You can measure up from the floor to make sure they're even on both sides. You will probably need to drill some starter holes in the wall since the eyelets are pretty thick.

Now, you'll attach the doorknob to the wall with screws (there should be holes on the plate of the doorknob). You can mount it as high as you'd like - I believe ours was about a foot and a half above the top of the mirror.

Finally, thread the rope through one of the eyelets and finish it with a stop-knot. Loop it up over the knob, and down through the next eyelet, tying with another knot. Trim the ends of the rope and loop some fishing wire around the ends to stop the rope from unraveling.

And that's it! It was an easy DIY that added something really unique to our room. Mirrors can be expensive, so I'm really happy we were able to make something budget-friendly that ended up being better than anything we could have bought!