Friday, January 4, 2013

Daily Doodle: January 1st – 3rd

Recently, I've found myself taking less time to sketch and draw for myself. Often there's something more pressing to do, or I'm just creatively drained from projects at work. Sometimes, there's no reason  — or maybe I'd rather bake a batch of cookies ;)

To get me back on track, I've decided to start a daily project inspired by one of those ever-popular Instagram photo-a-day challenges. Instead of shooting photos, I'll be interpreting the prompts with my sketchbook and sharing them here and on my Instagram account. Each post will be marked with the tag #dailydoodlejan (and continuing with each month) to keep the posts easy to follow. 

Here are the illustrations from the last three days. Hope you'll follow along thru the month, and hopefully beyond!

JANUARY 1: "Today" - Stars lyrics that seemed appropriate to start the project

JANUARY 2: "Something New" - The Marc Jacobs for Target pouch that I snagged for $20

JANUARY 3: "Heart" - Full of diamonds

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