Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Snaps

After having 11 days off for the holidays, I was dreading my alarm all night. I love taking time off at Christmas — there is so much going on, it's here and gone before you know it, and without a little r'n'r time, it just goes too fast. I was able to visit with so many friends and family and was reminded of why I love this time of year (but endless cookies and cocktails don't hurt, either)!

So pardon me, as I relive a little bit of my blissful break:

a new Christmas cookie staple (recipe here)

this glittery snow scene was made by Jim's sister, isn't it awesome?

cheesin' at Matt & Taylor's winter wedding

a lit-up Terminal Tower

stocking up at the market

having some Prosecco on New Year's Eve

 out celebrating at midnight

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and thank you all for following along with me and SS in the last year. Your support, comments, and pins mean so much to me as I grow this little brand and business. Wishing you all the best, most creative year yet!

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  1. Aw look at the cute Terminal Tower trying hard to be the Empire State Building. Adorable.


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