Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thinking Spring

 collection: ASOS

Something has been happening since the new year began. Each day upon leaving work, it's gotten lighter and lighter outside (I even saw the sunset the other night!). Temperatures have been warming (although temporarily, I know we have more winter coming) and retailers are clearing out all the leftover Christmas junk to make way for BRIGHT happy things. It's terrible to have it so soon, but I am dying of spring fever! I guess as long as my mind is focused on sunny skies, the current gray winter days won't feel so bad.

Here are some of the brightest images from the Spring '13 runway shows, hopefully this will tide you over until March (or April...or June) as well!

I love how the Kate Spade collection just GOES FOR IT. Head-to-toe yellow? Why not! Are you guys already itching for spring?


  1. I am DYING to wear spring clothes! Loved the runway recap and can't wait to get into my florals. Also, my style resolution this year is to wear one color from head-to-toe. ;)

  2. i am loving all of those bright colors!

    i also mentioned you on my blog today, check it out!


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