Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daily Doodles: Feb 1–10

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I'm going to start posting Daily Doodles in bigger chunks (like a week at a time) to avoid too many repetitive posts. I post these daily on Instagram (follow me here), and although I want to share them on the blog, posting daily seems redundant. So here are the last ten days of doodles – enjoy! 

FEBRUARY 1: "Today"

FEBRUARY 2: "Words" - my favorite, oops!

FEBRUARY 3: "Something Purple"

FEBRUARY 4: "Hope"

FEBRUARY 5: "Something You Smelled" - my daily wear

FEBRUARY 6: "Soft"

FEBRUARY 7: "Your name"

FEBRUARY 8: "Something Orange" - still craving pumpkin pie every now and then

FEBRUARY 9: "Guilty Pleasure" - eating a whole box of these!

FEBRUARY 10: "3 o'clock" - spent the afternoon in a shopping coma


  1. Wow! I just happened upon your blog and your Etsy shop, and absolutely adore your aesthetic! You're one talented lady!

  2. that's so cool!


  3. That yesterday/today quote is too good. I needed this!


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