Friday, February 1, 2013

Paperman: A Short Film

Happy February, everyone! Aren't you glad January is over? It feels like such a fresh start in the beginning, with all of the momentum from the holidays rolling over, but after that it seems to drag on forever. February still means snow + cold over here, but at least it's a short little month and gets us closer to March.

This month, I'll be sharing some Valentine's gift ideas, a DIY or two, and of course, continuing with another month of Daily Doodles! This project has been a challenge to keep up with (as expected) but I'm finding it inspiring and beneficial to flex my drawing muscle every day – outside of work, that is.

So to kick off the month of LOVE, I wanted to share this little short from the folks at Disney. I saw it floating around online, and it's a lovely little 6-minute short that's going to warm anyone's heart. The animation technique is a new blend of traditional hand-drawn methods and digital animation, and the result is visually beautiful.

Enjoy – and have a great weekend!

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  1. umm i definitely just got some serious goose bumps during that......I needed that, thank you :)
    brooke @ what2wear


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