Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beer Sweet Beer

There are few things in this world I love more than beer. Close to the top are actually the things that make great partners with beer — namely pizza, burgers, anything salty, and summer. I'm craving summer so badly, it feels like torture.

For now, all I can do is stare at this print and dream. I recently got a tip from a pal that spotted it over on the Food Network blog for a St. Patrick's Day round-up — super exciting! If you're feeling like a lush, you can head over here to get yourself one, to further tempt you into warmer days.

What's your favorite summer beer? Do you see it in the print?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jenna Lyons on 'Shiny Ponies'

"I think inspiration comes from everywhere. It can be an old movie you saw, it can be something you feel like you're missing in your closet. Sometimes that design inspiration is a little bit like a river, picking up things along the way."

"Anyone who thinks that your shoe isn't informative about who you are is...making a mistake."

Love this little short, and obviously love all of these shoes. So much goes into these little pieces of beauty! It's nice to hear her talk about J.Crew's process and her vision. Which ones do you want? :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Home How-To: TV Gallery Wall

Happy Monday, everyone — hope you all enjoyed the amazingly warm weather yesterday! My car got a much-needed wash from top to bottom, and the house got a huge dose of spring cleaning. 

As for the house, this is a post I've been meaning to share for a while, but wanted to wait until all of these frames were filled with the right pieces. I'm still thinking about swapping a few out, but I'm really happy with it for now.

When we moved in, we really only had two placement options for our TV: the large wall opposite the front door, or above the fireplace. For me, the mantle is a definite no-no unless it's the only spot you have to work with, so we decided to mount it on our large wall. The sheer size of the area forced us to solve for the space, so the TV wouldn't look lost, or force us into getting a bulky entertainment cabinet.

I found a few images online where the TV was 'hidden' among an artfully designed gallery wall, and knew that this would be a perfect way for us to fill the space and display our favorite pieces of art. There are a few different approaches to pulling off this look — you can either use the same color frames or monochromatic artwork to unify the collection, or you can go for a more eclectic mix like I did. This can look a little busy if you're not careful, so you'll just want to keep a good balance of variety in mind. 

I started by collecting some of the artwork that I knew I would hang, as well as some empty frames to be filled later. If you have the space, plan your wall layout by placing your artwork on the floor. Measure your TV, and use some painter's tape to tape a TV-sized area out on the floor (not pictured, but I did it!) This way, you can move your frames around and experiment with placement.

Once you have your frame layout decided, you'll want to start by hanging one picture, and basing the others off of it. You don't have to measure too precisely, because it's better to have the frames be optically balanced (hold them up the wall, and eyeball it). Get the first one right, and the rest will fall into place easily.

Isn't this "Erie Life"print by Chad Tibbits amazing? I saw it in the WMC Fest gallery show back in June and new we needed it for our house. It's the biggest feature on the wall, besides the TV!

I added in a small white floating shelf on the right side of the TV to balance with the white antlers in the top left corner. Adding dimension to the wall breaks up the clusters of frames and gives the wall a more eclectic feel. I've put everything from candles to a small vase of fresh flowers on the shelf, so it's fun to have some flexibility, too. 

Add texture where possible; an antique portrait adds warmth, while a shadowbox featuring a shell collection feels like a piece from a natural history museum. A metallic gold ampersand on warm kraft paper adds a bold, modern focal point.

P.s: doesn't our new ceiling look great? :) You can see the 'before' pictures and process here.

We're both really happy with how the wall came out, and it serves as a great conversation starter when guests walk through the front door. It's the perfect focal point, not only visually, but as the entertainment hub of the living room. I'm glad we didn't have to resort to putting the TV over the mantle, so now we can allow the mantle to be the more classic centerpiece that it was meant to be.

Have you had a hard time finding a place for your TV? I would love to hear some other creative solutions to solve this first world problem ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pastel Picks

Pastel and ombre table setting – love this idea of painting old chair like this

I love brights just as much as the next person, but these pastels are getting me totally geared up for springtime. Here are some of my favorite pastel picks from around the net. I am dying over that necklace, and color-dipping marshmallows instead of eggs this Easter is also on my must-try list! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Weekend

It's March – hooray! We got quite a bit of snow this weekend, but it's already melting (as is my patience for the cold). One the flip side, I had a great productive weekend, with a little bit of fun squeezed in there too.

The Madewell shopping party + blogger meet-up was a total blast – full details and photos are over here on lovelee. You can see some great shots of the store, the amazing spring collection, and a peek at everything we tried on. I left with this dress, an amazing pair of denim, and a few other essentials. Oh, and four macarons buried in my hips somewhere. 

How could I resist these?

Sunday was a great catch-up day in the office, and the rapidly-growing little pup was there to keep me company. Although it's hard to get anything done with those big brown eyes staring at me, begging me to play!

There are so many exciting projects in the works for this month, that I can't wait to share – but they'll have to wait. For now, we'll start with another month of doodles, to be posted soon. Another huge thank you again goes out to Jess of lovelee for the amazing Saturday I had – and to Maria of the style letters for being the ultimate shopping buddy/enabler (wouldn't have walked out with those jeans if it weren't for you!) ;)

Daily Doodles: Feb 19–28

FEBRUARY 19: "I am..."

FEBRUARY 20: "Where you stood"

FEBRUARY 21: "Full"

FEBRUARY 22: "Something that makes you happy"

FEBRUARY 23: "A word"

FEBRUARY 24: "Cloud"

FEBRUARY 25: "On your bedside table"

FEBRUARY 26: "Quiet"

FEBRUARY 27: "Playing"

FEBRUARY 28: "Upside Down" - pineapple cake, of course!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bon Weekend!

Hi everyone – welcome to Friday! Got any fun plans coming up?

I'll be wrapping up another month of Daily Doodles with a post shortly, and will continue on through March. I'm so happy that February is over – it's still cold, but March feels like such a fresh start, doesn't it?

This weekend I'll be enjoying some family time, some more Great Scott's cupcakes (above) as well as attending an awesome blogger event at Madewell, hosted by Jess of lovelee. Madewell opened at Beachwood a little while back (I want to say, in the fall?) and thankfully it's a little far from home, otherwise I'd be there all the time. Their aesthetic is a little more upscale, casual-cool-girl than J Crew, and the quality of their pieces never disappoint. I'm looking forward to an evening of treats, clothes, and cocktails! Spoiler alert: I am a major girl.

Hope you all have a great weekend!