Monday, March 4, 2013

March Weekend

It's March – hooray! We got quite a bit of snow this weekend, but it's already melting (as is my patience for the cold). One the flip side, I had a great productive weekend, with a little bit of fun squeezed in there too.

The Madewell shopping party + blogger meet-up was a total blast – full details and photos are over here on lovelee. You can see some great shots of the store, the amazing spring collection, and a peek at everything we tried on. I left with this dress, an amazing pair of denim, and a few other essentials. Oh, and four macarons buried in my hips somewhere. 

How could I resist these?

Sunday was a great catch-up day in the office, and the rapidly-growing little pup was there to keep me company. Although it's hard to get anything done with those big brown eyes staring at me, begging me to play!

There are so many exciting projects in the works for this month, that I can't wait to share – but they'll have to wait. For now, we'll start with another month of doodles, to be posted soon. Another huge thank you again goes out to Jess of lovelee for the amazing Saturday I had – and to Maria of the style letters for being the ultimate shopping buddy/enabler (wouldn't have walked out with those jeans if it weren't for you!) ;)

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  1. I am always here as your ultimate shopping buddy/enabler. :) What a great night (and THAT DRESS!)!


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