Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope you're all staying dry out there. This is the time of year when the "season of frizz" descends upon us, and keeping my hair straight and manageable becomes basically impossible; but alas, April showers bring May flowers, right? I'm ready for the rain to end!

This weekend was crazy productive and crazy fun (when does that happen?), with lots of events happening around town, and a huge yardwork overhaul starting over at our house.

Friday night I got to check out the launch of Cleveland's own Georgie + Elaine line at Banyan Tree with miss Maria, and it was a blast. The line brands itself as "Romantic American Luxury," which is reflected in the sugary pastel palette and the high-quality materials — the fabrics are all silk or silk-blend with only natural fibers. 

The lighting is a little harsh here, but you can see how nice all of the colors look together.

This rose-gold lace mini skirt was probably my favorite piece — the color and execution were so spot on. We tried on a few other pieces, and sadly I left without the skirt, but I'm sure I'll be back to say hello to it, like visiting an old friend..;)

After a little wine and desserts (okay, a lot of desserts) we headed for a nightcap at Ginkgo, which is the modern little sushi lounge tucked underground, below Dante in Tremont. The sushi was great, and the cocktails were amazing (this is the ginger martini, and there was another one I had that reminded me of a mojito, with a Japanese twist).

Saturday was backyard-makeover day — we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and finally started whipping our yard into shape. I took a few photos, but since we are planting grass where an old concrete patio used to be, our yard is mostly just a dirt pit for the time being! That's definitely a post for a different day. Hopefully we'll be seeing some progress with the grass soon, and we can begin planting just in time for summer.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing photos from Sunday's launch party for the style letters at Madewell, that I mentioned last week. It was so much fun, and I got some great stuff! Can't wait to share!

How did you use the awesome weekend weather?


  1. I love that photo of us so much! You are a wonderful launch buddy (among many other things). :)

    1. Glad we finally got a good one, overhead lighting be damned!

  2. Love Dante! I still have to try Ginkgo. We live just a few streets away, but with so many great spots in Tremont, it takes a while to get around to trying them all!

    1. Seriously, there's so many! Definitely check it out, it was great!


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