Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Weekend

Is this weather making anyone else a little bummed out? What happened to summer? Aside from just being a little sad, the rain has delayed our house painting by quite a few days, but hopefully it should all be done early next week. Can't wait to kiss this plain white house goodbye!

I'll be back next week with some home projects, another recipe, and more decor. See you then, and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Ohh house painting!!! So much fun! What color are you guys painting it? That's in our summer plan as well :o).

    p.s. I saw one of your older posts you mentioned Pur Barre & it peaked my interest because I haven't worked out in ages and need some motivation. I have a friend who's getting certified to become an instructor with Pure Barre and she was all about it. She said her first class was free. I can't seem to find that option at the Westlake location-- was your 1st class free? Also, did you find it to be reasonable/attainable as someone who doesn't work out all the time? I'm a little nervous!


    1. Yes, we are SO excited! They got half of the house done on Friday, but still have to do the other side and the front (which is the best part!)

      Pure Barre is awesome! My first class wasn't free, but the Westlake studio does apply the price of your first class towards a package, if you decide to purchase one. So, I guess in that option, it is free in a way :)

      I am truthfully not *that* fit, and was also intimidated for my first class, but it was great. It's a challenge — and still is, even after 6 weeks — but it's not so out of reach that you wouldn't enjoy it. I say give it a shot! Let me know if you try it!


    2. Trying it today!! I'll let you know how it goes-- eek!

      Be sure to post photos of the painted house!


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