Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend came and went in a flash—obviously I'm still recovering a bit. I had an awesome birthday and want to thank everyone who sent a wish to me, I appreciate it more than you know!

We spent Saturday doing some shopping on the east side—hitting up the big Nordstrom sale and doing some decent damage at Crate & Barrel. We've been planning a bit more entertaining and have been wanting to round out our glassware sets, so we picked those up, and as always some extra gadgets found their way into our basket(s). Is it just me, or does that store put a spell on you?! {Like I said, I'm getting old.}

The rain stopped that evening, just in time for Burning River Fest. It was our first year there and I definitely won't miss it again! Have you guys gone before? I feel like I've been totally missing out the last few years.

The views were amazing, the food trucks and vendors showed up with their best, and the Christmas Ale was flowing. The fest is intended to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting the Great Lakes and Cuyahoga River area, and there were a range of ecological groups available to answer questions and offer volunteer opportunities. The bands were great, too—the night ended with an energy-filled set by Bethesda, an indie-folk collect from Kent.

Sunday was my birthday, and thankfully we just spent some time relaxing after the night before. Jim made an awesome brunch with my favorite things: French toast with fresh berries + whipped cream, bacon and mimosas. A Sunday at home was the perfect excuse to crush a bottle of Chandon, anyway!

It was the perfect weekend celebration, and with my sister's birthday just a week after mine, there's still a lot more around the corner! Thank you to everyone who made it so great!


  1. I can't even describe how much I love Crate & Barrel!
    I haven't been to Burning River Fest yet, but definitely need to go!
    And I adore those glasses you used for mimosas & water!
    Okay that was a lot of exclamation points, whoops :)

    1. Excitement breeds exclamation! :)
      BRF was a blast, seriously, gotta check it out! You'd love it!

  2. This sounds like the perfect weekend. And now I want french toast.


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