Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toothakers Wedding Print

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating a custom print for the lovely Kayla Coleman's wedding. She wanted a fun, cute tooth for their guests to sign as they united as the Toothakers—isn't that so cute? We incorporated their wedding colors into the print and left the tooth blank for signatures. 

Kayla wanted the print to be the first thing guests see when they enter their home, and recently shared this photo with me of the final result. The frame she chose is beautiful and I love this cute vignette in their home! The print was printed and framed by Canvas on Demand, and the photo is credited to Kayla, who is an amazing photographer herself. 

Thank you, Kayla, for giving me the opportunity to create something special for you! I love hearing how couples are adding personalized touches to their weddings. What are some of the cutest things you've seen lately?


  1. Thanks! Her photos and styling make the whole thing come together!

  2. This is too cute! I love the idea, it's different. When I get married, I will consider this idea!



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