Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home Series: Before & After | Master Bedroom

When it comes to naming which room in our house got the biggest overhaul, our master bedroom takes the cake—although just our hallway is a close second. You'd never think a hallway could be so much work, but that's a post for another day.

The inside of our house felt every bit of right and looked every bit of wrong. It's amazing how after seeing dozens of houses, you develop this ability to not take anything at face value—and I don't mean just looking beyond paint colors. You can look at a lackluster room and feel like the space is right, or you notice how cool a corner is, or you feel how firm and right the floors are beneath your feet. 

This was the bedroom before — need a little love:
As you can see in our progress post from our first week, we cut that small closet door open, installed new bars and shelves, ripped up the carpet, refinished the hardwood, and replaced that sad, cheap ceiling fan. The closet itself was quite big, but had that "cave closet" problem where the door is small and the closet is impossible to utilize fully. We expanded the entrance, replaced the doors, and actually reused the old closet door for our linen closet in the hallway. We really wanted to keep all of the original doors to the house, so I'm glad the door fit!

A nice master closet was something we hadn't seen in any of the Lakewood homes we looked at, so we knew a remodeled closet would be a great selling point someday (and a necessity for us now).

This is the closet after, with our DIY rope mirror:

Our progress at one year:
Curtains: DIY | Gold Tortoise Shell: Target/DIY | Nightstands: IKEA | Reading sconces and table lamp: IKEA | Duvet: CB2 (old) | Rug: Overstock (old)

For some reason, every single room in our house had {bad} ceiling fans, which we promptly replaced with semi-flush mounts, but we repurposed this one in our room for a little summer breeze. We might switch it out with something more fun (maybe a new DIY) but for now it fits the bill.

I really love the drama of dark walls and wanted to pull it off in our room with a super rich navy. We get a ton of light in our house so I knew it wouldn't be too dark, and we balanced it with lots of white and texture. The room has a tiny touch of nautical inspiration, but it's more relaxed and less literal.

There is still so much we want to add and change about the room (we're wanting a stylish new bed frame) but after a year, we're really happy with the progress. As it is with all spaces, "there's always something to do!" For now, it's an incredibly relaxing, rehabbed space that we're just enjoying.

Candle hurricane: DIY | Anchor dish: Furbish | Glasses: Lookmatic


  1. That DIY rope mirror is awesome!! Make me one :)

  2. Your home is so darling and so you! I love it! You are a DIY queen. Teach me your ways.


    1. I have actually thought about a DIY workshop of some kind – would just need the space to do it! We can learn, make, and drink (my favorite).

  3. You guys did an amazing job with this room! It looks fantastic :)

  4. Love the room! Those black walls actually do not feel dark.

    1. Thank you! I should have mentioned the walls are actually navy – going to update that now :)

  5. I never see rooms with black walls. What a different idea!

  6. LOVE the walls!!! I'm a huge fan of white bedding too - It's so clean and I just want to jump right in!


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